Is to raise as much as we can, for as many people as we can, without asking for any money from participants.
How Does it work?
Participants will donate nothing, but 30 seconds of their time to raise money for the cause of their choice...we will take care of the rest!
Who can raise funds?
We want to help everyone-whether you want to cure Cancer or plan a class trip, Jaks is here for you! If you would like to raise money for your cause, please contact us to set up your donation site.
JAKSinc. understands that even if people have the desire to donate to worthy causes, they  might not be able to give the time or money to really make a difference.

This is why we created a website to generate money for your cause, using just 30 seconds and the click of a mouse, not your wallet.

At JAKS we have just three simple rules:

1. Make every event a charity event.

There are millions of charities and organizations asking for support each day. Why not bring them all to JAKSinc? That's our goal, make it yours. Just because the issues we face are serious doesn't mean we have to face them in a serious way,fundraising should be fun and easy!

2. Tell all your friends and family to join JAKSinc.

More users equals more money raised for your cause. All they have to do is watch at least one video advertisement a day and answer a simple question at the end. Every video watched earns money for your cause. It is that easy!!

3. Use time, not money.

They say "Time is Money", and We get that.That's why Jaks is all about turning a small amount of time into a lot of money for something you care about helping. Donating 30 seconds in front of your computer to raise money for  your cause, without ever opening your wallet sounds like a good investment to us.It's about being generous with your time, not your money.

It's time to revolutionize the way we donate.

Let's work together: one fundraiser, one person, and one click at a time to support the organizations and charities we care about most!